#34 Strawberry Jam

Base Game - Sims 4 Limited Editions & Get Together .20 x 20 . World: Windenburg


Picture | Download [ Orgin ID : soulsistersims]
This House is unfurnished. I just took pictures from the fully furnished one for a better look :)


CC from the outside items (not incl.):

ATS4 Ikea chairs 
Dalail Tadao plant
Daras Clothesline + Basket

Helen sims Ruins 
Helen Sims Ceiling Beams

TV Antenna

Ichosims Insustrial Sliding Door
Milla´s Wardrobe 

PianPiansims Doors (first post)

Linacherie madaya74 casement window recolor
Lindsey sims little boho wall 

Loree Water Pump + Yellow Bucket 

MTQ Luna Rose 
MTQ Elephant Plant 

TSR Fishscaleroof 

MTS Yeronga Awning 

Mutske Arch Door 
Mutske Plants and Pots Ivy

- Deco Door 
- hanging shirts :  (scrll down until you reached the end)

ATS4 Ikea Armchair Storsele 

sg5150 Beetle 

Oh my Sims Awning 

Concrete Floor 6 
- Old wood Floor 3

RSS Tinhouse Woodenwall conversion

Simista Breezy Window

Severinka Tea in the Garden plant

My little sims world shutters TS2-TS4 

Simcredible worry less table quarter
Simcredible pottet Banana
Simcredible flowers in galoshes
Simcredible Tree

Slox Visions Ashtray + Padre Magazine +yuxi armchair
Slox Magic Squares cooker
Slox Expressway 
Slox Urban Galaxy Postbox

Sweetmint sheet

- Adele liam Windows
- Madaya Casement Windows

Blacky Sims Zoo Broken Shelf

Das Matze Picket Fence

Everlasting Garden Bike Sink

TSR Scania Build set door 

Medival Bricks in red

Yumesims little veggie Garden
Yumesims hanging plant 

I´ve build this Lot with my Game Options that means without trouble or crashes.I explicitly distance myself from any kind of trouble with it. You download and install it at your own risk!