#35 Quarter Home

Base Game - Sims 4 Limited Editions & Get Together .30 x 20 . $40.091. World: Windenburg


Picture | Download [ Orgin ID : soulsistersims]


CC (not incl.):

Blackmojitos Basket [second post]

Dreamteamsims Mac Make up set [seventh post]
Dreamteamsims Misc Bathroom Clutter

OBP Faux Wall Decals

Simcredible Mantis Toilett
Simcredible Worry less painting [Miscellaneous]
Simcredible Gardening Foyer Cactus
Simcredible Gardening Foyer Tree

PC Painted Brick Wall
PC Lennox Dining Crackle Bowl & Solid Counter
PC Weathered Brick 02

I´ve build this Lot with my Game Options that means without trouble or crashes.I explicitly distance myself from any kind of trouble with it. You download and install it at your own risk!