Thursday, October 27, 2016

#44 City Bumper

I have a lot of time right now and i´ll use it to build some of my dream houses ♥

TS3 Original Get Together
20 x 30 . $ 72.821
FAQ | TOU - HELP -  Orgin ID : soulsistersims]


Please note: Sometimes i use fake doors or fake stairs (like in this house), that means the house isn´t playable in the normal way. You have to change or delete that kind of barriers!

CC (not incl.):

- Franklin Entry 
- Halloween2016 - Deco Hat

- ceiling column + roof cornace [latest build set]
- trash [industrial build set] - scroll down to the 8th post


Credit [Links can be found in CC]:

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Helen Sims,Honeysims,hvikis,Imadako,Inabedromance,Joolster,Kardofe,K-Hippie,KK,Leo-Sims,Linacheri,Lindseyxsims,
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