#48 Winter Wonderland

Its Christmas Time- the most wonderful time in the Year

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You can find the download link in the YouTube Description Box!


I build this house in Windenburgh 

CC (not incl.):

fruit plate 2 - 3rd post

-Garland Floor Lamp
- Milla Book

Credit [Links can be found in CC]:

13Pumpkin.All4Sims,Annachibisims,Anye,Bluehopper,Buffsumm,Chisami,Dara Sims,Dreamteamsims,Granny Zaza.
Helen Sims,Honeysims,hvikis,Imadako,Inabedromance,Joolster,Kardofe,K-Hippie,KK,Leo-Sims,Linacheri,Lindseyxsims,
Mallmarr,Mango,Meinkatz,Mimoto,Mio sims,MTQ,Mutske,Ohmysims,Peachmaker,PQ4,Pralinesims,Puresims,Raizon,RSS.S4D,Sanoysims,
Severinka,sg5150,Sims4Luxery,Simscredible,Simmersoul,Sims Marktplatz,Slox,Steffor,Theplumbobarchitect,
TSR,ung999,Viikiita,Yumia, Minc´s Sims 4,Sympxls

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