I want to apologize for my bad English

The most People have everthing they needed in life and sometimes even more. But in this rude World with war , selfishness ,greed of gain and cruelness we forget those they have less luck in life also the abused and abandoned Animals. 
It´s the matter of my Heart to help , maybe you want be a part of this humanity.


Hello dear donor,

I would like to make clear the donations i get its not for my personal use. I would like to help people in need, protectory , animal shelter and welfare center in my area. The Donations go where they are needed most.I´m so grateful for every single help!

If you want to know more so don´t hesitate to send a email

I build houses for Sims 4 because i love to make unique Lots and share those with the whole communtity . They are free and always will be.


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Thank you from the bottom of my Heart !