After long searching for a simple and clear install description i finally found this:

➤Install tutorial: MTS

To install into your game, Extract the archive then navigate to The Sims 4 folder in My Documents. Find the Tray folder and place ALL of the files you extracted from the archive into it. Open your game and find the home in your library, just as if you dl'd it directly from the gallery. Ensure "include custom content" is active in advanced options if lot includes cc.
 **If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the  Gallery under :Origin IDsoulsistersims ( since i started doing Housetour Videos on YouTube i didn´t upload it on Origin )

➤From Time to Time i get requests how to place Apartments in San Myshuno/City Living. I´ve fond a very helpful Video-watch it here:

The house won´t show in the catalogue?

Visit this Forum, there´s are many other User with the same or similiar problems

Forum TheSims

➦Download in more rar Files/Parts
Well, when i build a bigger house the file will be pretty huge. Simfileshare accept a limited File size so i need to split it in more Parts. I do this with WinRar. It depends how big the original file are. Sometime the program split it in 2 or 3 Parts.
So you need all Parts. Preferably you create a Folder on your Desktop ( or the place you prefer for) Put all Parts into this Folder. Right click on Part 1- unzip- all the remaining parts unzip itself. Yeah sounds not reasonable but its right. If you don´t download the other parts you´ll get an error message .

I made a Video Tutorial for a better understandig , how to do...

Games installed - you need the same EP otherwise some objects or the house won´t show or not placeable ( I think its only the EP´s the Gameplay Packs are not important- but im not sure):

⛏EP :♣The Sims 4 , Get Together ,City Living , Cats & Dogs, Seasons♣ GAMEPLAY PACKS: ♣Outdoor, Jungle Adventure

📧If you need more help or you have aother problem please hesitate to contact me: