Useful Hints

 (it only works  in the Sims 3 Camera option)

  • + (Numpad)  - After selecting an object, but before placing it, pressing + on the number pad will cycle through color options for that item, allowing you to find what looks right for that room.
  • G - Toggles the Grid
  • Shift (Hold) - Hold while placing Buy/Build Mode object to place more of the same object without having to select it again
  • F5 toggle - This will let you position objects relative to the grid, but at 1/2 to 1/4 the usual distance. Good for precision
  • Control + F - While laying floor. Do 1/4 of a Tile at a time (little triangle) for artsy Design
  • T -Switch to top-down view. You can press it again to go back to your previous view
  • Alt+Mouse - after placing click again on the item hold Alt and rotate with the mouse, free angle is possible
  • M - show you all the slots 
  • "9 - item up "0 - item down ( not Numpad)


OMG what a ease.
ooh-la-la-simmer  (thank you so much ♥) wrote me a message on tumblr and gave me the hint with the Sims 4 Tray Importer. I´m so happy....stop with searching all the CC...

If you want it too, here you get the Link 

Don´t worry if you get a error message, it takes time open all the CC in the Tray Folder and it depends on how big your house are.

Have Fun !